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Pannonia Hotel **** - Sopron


Address: H-9400 Sopron, Várkerület 75., Hungary

Phone number: +36 99 312180

Fax: +36 99 340766




KOKAS Ildikó

KOKAS Ildikó

Front office manager - leading our Front Office team
Please do not hesitate to contact her in case you have any questions.


Sales assistant manager
If you have questions regarding your booking, or if you would like to book directly (claiming great prices), just contact her!
HAJNAL Julianna

HAJNAL Julianna

Business sales assistant manager
Travel agencies, corporate clients and for other other group reservations contact her.

Hotel Pannonia ****
H-9400 Sopron, Várkerület 75., Hungary

+36 99 513 678

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