Royal Bisztró

Széchenyi étterem

Welcome in the gastronomic world of Pannonia!

Our hotel combines new gastronomic trends in the downtown of Sopron with traditional hotel hospitality. Our top menu, our ever-changing half-board offer is giving us a top spot in gastronomy in Sopron.

Freshly made dishes, made from excellent ingredients, prepared for You!


The Royal Bistro and Széchenyi Restaurant can host any kind of event, whether it is a standing reception, a cocktail party, a corporate or a birthday event, a wine tasting or even a wine dinner. From the White Room of the 19th century to the 150-year-old limestone wine cellar, there is great selection for Your event.

For every occasion

Our hotel is suitable for any occasion. In addition to the White Room, the marble restaurant, the bistro bar, the wine cellar or the knight's room, the event rooms are decorated with antique furniture, but we also accommodate modern meeting rooms, small and large conference rooms, as well as a roof terrace.

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Royal Bisztró &
Széchenyi Étterem

9400 Sopron, Várkerület 75.

Hotel Pannonia ****
H-9400 Sopron, Várkerület 75., Hungary

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