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Enjoy our great wellness centre and get fit in the high-tech fitness centre.


Enjoy and relax or get fit.

Swimming pool

The large swimming pool of Pannonia Hotel. The temperature of the pool is according to international standards 24 - 27 Celsius. This is ideal in relation to the other services either to cool our body after showering or to have a short swim.


The jacuzzi can comfortably accommodate 6 - 8 persons. The temperature of the water is around 36 Celsius and the whole body of water is changed each 30 minutes. The jacuzzi is ideal for relaxation and fun. Water is a basic element of life and as such it provides a natural feeling, which relaxes humans. Peace and tranquility is the main source of health.

If water is massaging the muscles through appropriate Jacuzzi nozzles, that provides even better health enhancing effects on the body. This helps us to prevent several stress-related illness or might enhance our overall health. A good massage bath is like a deep meditation. Moreover, using the jacuzzi is a pleasant social activity.

Finnish sauna

This is the traditional Finnish sauna of the Hotel with 90 - 110 Celsius degrees. The Finnish sauna promotes relaxation, better health and results in better vitality. It detoxifies, improves circulation, helps with stress prevention, improves mobility, cleans the skin and also has many other positive effects. Of course, the sauna shall only be used responsibly and carefully, in accordance with our health status.


The biosauna is a milder version of the Finnish sauna, with 50 - 70 Celsius degrees. It has similar positive effects to the Finnish sauna, but has less strain on the body due to the lower temperature. The biosauna is the gentle version of the Finnish sauna. It provides a light option for those who feel the Finnish sauna too hot, stifling or the steam bath too humid.

Infrared Sauna

The infrared sauna is a special form of the sauna. Our body will be heated not from the outside, but from the inside. Benefits include answer to a wide variety of complaints, beauty and health issues. The infrared rays penetrate deeper layers of the skin, warm up the body from the inside and exert their beneficial effects there. In addition to the benefits of the Finnish sauna, it is better for burning fat and calories, to improve the elasticity of the skin and the healing of wounds.

Salt room

The salt room is ideal for 2 -4 persons for proper relaxation. The salt room imitates the healing, beautifying and relaxing power of salt caves and the sea. The salt air inhalation provides relief from respiratory diseases, would strengthen the lungs, dissolve the adherent mucus, reduces airway inflammation. The body's natural defense mechanism is stimulated to enhance resilience, accelerates the self-purification processes.

Steam room

The steam room is ideal for 6 - 8 persons and has excellent effects on health. Done right, the steam room effectively relieves stress, relaxes, refreshes and improves the overall physical and mental well-being. In general the steam room is recommended due to the beneficial effects for the prevention or treatment of dozens of health related issues.

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