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Massage for relaxation

The purpose of a soothing and relaxing massage is to break away from the daily routine and focus only on yourself. The massage focuses on the classical Swedish massage, which has a very relaxing effect on the nervous system.

With the help of different oils and aroma oils we try to relax the muscles, soothe the mind and soul. Essential oils have a beneficial effect on the body both by massaging the skin and by inhalation.
Warm oil winter pampering massage is especially recommended for those who would like to break out of the rush world and slow down both body and mind for an hour. Massage with plenty of warm oil, longitudinal and deepening movements alternate during the treatment.

Duration: Available in 30 and 50 minutes
  • Full back massage - 6000,- 

  • Partial body massage - 7000,-

  • Full body massage - 8000,-

  • Facial Massage - 5000,-

  • Foot Reflex Massage - 6000,-

  • Special winter massage with warm Oils  '50 - 8000,-

  • Special winter massage with warm Oils  '30 - 6000,-

Healing massage

Therapeutic massage can be used, for example, to relax or even tone the muscles (to regain muscle tone) before physical therapy.

The physician or physiotherapist examines the condition of the skin, the subcutaneous connective tissue and performs the treatment accordingly.

Massage is a mechanical stimulus to the skin, subcutaneous connective tissue and muscle. It improves blood circulation locally and through reflex remission, relieves pain. Certain grips of smoothing, kneading, vibration and shaking of the limb are muscle relaxant, while other forms of kneading, such as rubbing and tapping, tend to be muscle toning.

  • Healing massage '30 - 6000

  • Therapeutic massage '50 - 8000,-

Sport massage

The muscles of regular athletes need a special massage. It avoids injuries and muscle fatigue. It relaxes and strengthens muscles and prepares the body for the next workout.

Duration: 50 minutes

  • Sport massage '30 - 8000

Fitness massage

After a hearty workout, your muscles need to relax while stretching. Relaxing and strengthening grips return muscles back to normal.

Duration: 50 minutes

  • Fitness Massage '30 - 8000