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The area of today's Sopron has been inhabited since ancient times, but the first buildings were built only during the Roman Empire. It was an important Roman town, known as Scarbantia, because two important trade routes crossed here.

Wine region

The wine district’s capital is also the capital of Kékfrankos and of the poncichters, who traditionally grew beans between the vines, so it is hardly surprising that many of Sopron’s typical dishes feature beans; they were prepared as side dishes (mashed beans), scones or soup. These dishes, in our humble opinion, are better suited to white wines, and as Sopron used to be a white wine region, perhaps it is not a sacrilege to serve a good Sopron Furmint or even a light Korai Piros Veltelini along with bean scones. The foothills of the Alps belong to the wine district, which puts plenty of forest mushrooms, forest fruits and jams and, of course, game meat on the table. And these ingredients are beautifully accompanied by Kékfrankos and Zweigelt from Sopron and Kőszeg. As you head south, towards the Őrség, not only mushrooms but also buckwheat and pumpkins become increasingly common ingredients, and the fried dumplings known as dödölle or gánica, also common in Zala, reappear.

World award winner chocolate factory

International Chocolat Awards 2023

For more than four generations, the Austrian confectionery dynasty Harrer has been treating its customers in Austria to high-quality cakes, tarts and other sweet treats made from selected ingredients. The philosophy of the founding owners has remained unchanged over the years: to offer only the best quality and choice - all in a modern, pleasant environment. In the same spirit, we opened the very first Harrer confectionery in Hungary 16 years ago, and of course the special recipes and careful preparation have brought the expected success.